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Who We Are

We are an established travel company in India that has catered to and serviced over 10,000 guests from all over the world and that has helped us to develop 3 special programs for the ones who want to get Back in Life..!

Starting Up...

An initiative to blend our 5 years of experience in the Tourism Industry with rehabilitation and create an opportunity for people to get ‘Back in Life’, who are suffering from substance abuse.

How did the Concept Back to Life Started!

The age of this page is not very old and the foundation stone was laid the day I met a 22 years girl in Orlando, Florida in May this year. Her name is Debbi and she came from the Cocoa Cosame county where the Kennedy Space Center is located. This is how she explained to me about herself:

“My mother got raped and then went to jail for killing the guy who raped her. I grew up in a foster home. When I was 15, I felt lonely and wanted the attention of someone. That is when I got close to this guy. Desperation and my loneliness made me so weak that I did not care about anything but just wanted to be with that guy. I realized my mistake when the doctor told me I am pregnant. A mother @ 15? I believed that a child is a gift of God and did not get it aborted. I gave birth to a child and was again looking for company when I met this guy who was rich and wouldn’t let me learn or work. He came from Miami and would pay for all my expenses and also the baby’s expense. Our relation started going on the rocks after 2 years and we were both switched to drugs for overcome the stress. We broke up after 2 more years together and because he took care of the baby, I let him take the baby so that my daughter could be looked after well. But I was homeless without any education or a job. The biggest problem however was that, I wanted drugs so badly that I slept with a drug peddler for drugs. I got pregnant again and delivered a son this January. It has been 4 months now and I am forced to pursue selling myself for money and paying for my expenses.”

The time I saw this girl, I assumed she was an 80 year old lady with hardly any teeth and crinkled skin with dark patches, as if she was burnt. I realized that while people were busy sorting issues like Global Warming, there was a bigger underlying issue that needed more attention. Drugs addiction was killing humans faster and earlier than the global warming or wars. That is when I decided to take up this problem as an agenda and build a business model around it and help people get over this illness of addiction. I came back and shared the idea with a couple of friends, family and colleagues. I realized that understanding the psychology and mindset of people who are addicted to any substance abuse or alcoholism, is best understood by someone who has been through all this, himself. I knew someone in my team who could help me create this line of t business model called “Rehabilitation Tourism” or “Back in Life. “

I wanted to blend our 5 years of experience in the Tourism Industry with rehabilitation and create a better solution for people who are suffering from substance abuse. Addicts need a change in environment and if it is combined with traveling, tit will help them to get a step closer to getting cleaned. India is a culturally rich country and has almost every kind of terrain and climate. It can ensure that the person visiting India will get his kind of comfortable environment, where he could rejuvenate into a new kind of life. We have serviced and catered to over 10,000 guests from all over the world. With this experience behind us, we have develop 3 special programs for the ones who want to get “Back in Life.”

These programs have been carefully designed by me as the Tourism expert and Steve who has been working with us for almost 3 years now, who has also been through rehabilitation himself. He has handled over 250 tours for our international guests and has played an integral role in building this program. He hails from a town called Dehradun, Uttrakhand, India. Here is how he explains his journey has been so far.

For any queries related to your problem and rehab tourism in india, just drop an email at or call at +91-9833 442 545