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What exactly the word Addiction means.

HI Destination has finally made a decision to take an initiative to promote Rehab Tourism and support the people fight addiction, which has been certified as a chronic disease.

National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence offers a detailed and complete definition of alcoholism. Probably the simplest way to describe it is "a mental obsession that causes a physical compulsion to drink." Most of the addicts deny the fact that they are suffering from a chronic disease, which is not only effecting their day to day life badly, but even the people around them are getting affected. According to the survey of the WHO (World Health Organization), Alcohol usage results in 2.5 million death each year and 15.3 million are suffering from addiction and mental disorder, due to Drug usage. These survey results are so high that we can realize how fast this disease is spreading within our society and killing our youth and destroying our coming generations.

Chemical Dependency or Addiction as it is widely known is a pandemic that has found its way into millions of households, families and the society. Unfortunately, unknown to many, The World Health Organization declared Chemical Dependency as a disease in the 1950’s. Due to the stigmatisation attached, many unfortunate families suffer, not knowing that there is a solution.

Addiction is a disease – incurable, progressive and fatal. Leading to untimely death, jail or mental health institution for the affected and associated trauma for the afflicted.

Before despairing, let it also be known that addiction is a disease that is arrestable and treatable like any other disease. Addiction recovery requires an everyday commitment to sober living. Whether you are in your first month of recovery or have just achieved your first decade

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