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Who We Are

We are an established travel company in India that has catered to and serviced over 10,000 guests from all over the world and that has helped us to develop 3 special programs for the ones who want to get Back in Life..!

Starting Up...

An initiative to blend our 5 years of experience in the Tourism Industry with rehabilitation and create an opportunity for people to get ‘Back in Life’, who are suffering from substance abuse.

Warning sign of Alcoholism & Drug Addiction.

Problems with alcohol and drugs come in many forms, but there are many different signs of alcoholism and drug addiction. Below is an alcoholism and drug addiction test which indicates various symptoms of alcoholism, alcohol dependence and drug addiction.

Here are few Questions, Answer them in your heart.

(1) Have you ever thought to quit Alcohol & Drug but at last, these were only your thought and did not stayed for long?

(2) Is your drinking or drug use is making your life unhappy?

(3) Have you ever feel scared or shy to attend public functions?

(4) Do you get into a craving on a certain time in a day to use Alcohol or Drugs?

(5) Is your physical health effecting day by day due to usage of Alcohol & Drugs?

(6) Is your person & professional both lives are affecting due to Alcohol or Drug?

(7) Do you use Drugs or Alcohol mostly alone?

(8) Do you need to have Drug or Alcohol every next day in the morning?

(9) Is using Drug & Alcohol causes a mental satisfaction from all your trouble?

(10) Do you face financial problems due to Alcohol & Drug use?

(11) Have you ever have loss of memory due to Alcohol & Drug?

(12) Have you ever been to hospital due to Alcohol or Drugs?

If you or someone you know answered YES to any three of the questions, there is a definite warning that there may be a problem.
If you or someone you know answered YES to any four of these questions, the chances are that there is a problem.
If you or someone you know answered YES to five or more of these questions, most likely there is a problem.

For any queries related to your problem and rehab tourism in india, just drop an email at or call at +91-9833 442 545