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Who We Are

We are an established travel company in India that has catered to and serviced over 10,000 guests from all over the world and that has helped us to develop 3 special programs for the ones who want to get Back in Life..!

Starting Up...

An initiative to blend our 5 years of experience in the Tourism Industry with rehabilitation and create an opportunity for people to get ‘Back in Life’, who are suffering from substance abuse.

How can travel help in Rehabilitation

Why travel abroad – In today’s busy life, there are a lot of people who travel abroad to get cured in Rehab Centers and at the same time keep it anonymous from their social life. By travelling abroad to recover from addiction, quite a few positive results have been noticed.

PPC – People/Place/ Circumstances


When we are using Alcohol or Drugs, our close environment plays a very important role. There are many addicts who think every day to quit taking Alcohol or Drug. But the very next day they are out to meet the same people (using partners) and they get back to their addiction. It becomes really hard for them to stay away from their addiction and in the process suffer from mentally relapse. So, to recover from the urge, it’s very important to change your surroundings to stay clean and sober up.


An addict is always attracted to the places where he or she usually uses for his or her addiction. These places are usually isolated and provide a comfort zone along with a high for addicts. In the initial stages of Recovery one has to avoid visiting places where he or she uses to drinks or use drugs.

Once addicts stop meeting other addicts and move out of the places they use to hang around for their addiction or the change in circumstances can influence recovery from addiction. The above points are a proof itself that why traveling overseas can free addicts of their addiction.
The above points are a proof itself that why traveling overseas can convert into good results. We have to know the basic things which are necessary to come into recovery. When your whole environment will be changed and your addiction will be Rehabilitate in a fresh atmosphere.

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